Why choose consultancy?

In short, our custom consultancy packages represent a simple, one-off expenditure which can result in significant, long-term savings, or provide an invaluable ‘kick-start’ to a new project which will help get your product to market faster than your competitors.

If you have a problem that needs fixing fast, or want to design (or redesign) a system so as to get your product to market as quickly as possible, working with MercuryLab’s expert consultants will help you achieve your goals.

We offer individually-tailored consultancy packages based on your specific needs, budget and timescale.

Our consultants are all PhD-educated, and have at their fingertips a unique range of computational and experimental tools.

How does it work?

Although all of our consultancy packages are individually designed to suit the problem at hand, the process typically follows the general steps outlined below:

  • A precise computer model of the system to be optimised is created.
    The relevant process(es) are modelled using simulated particles whose properties match those of the real produce.



  • Using our unique analysis tools, we extract useful information from your system, such as load distribution, power consumption, flow rate, degree of mixing, heat and many other important quantities.


  • Our software autonomously optimises the design of your system based on your desired outcome.


If you are interested in our consultancy packages,  you can contact our representatives via:

or download our brochure from here