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Consultancy Packages

The MercuryLab consultancy team offer tailored packages to suit the individual needs and finances of your company.

Whether you need a solution to a specific issue, want to find a novel way to improve the efficiency of an industrial processs or even if you want to design or redesign an entire facility, our experienced and dedicated team can help solve your present problems and plan for the future of your company.

Plan, Predict, Prepare

The unpredictable behaviours of dynamic particulate systems make the design of new industrial equipment intended to handle powders and grains an extremely complex and risky task – any slight miscalculation can easily result in unacceptably sub-optimal efficiency, or even an entirely non-functional apparatus.

Although many attempt to resolve the above issues by constructing scaled-down model systems, this somewhat archaic approach is not only a slow and expensive process, but – due to the distinct lack of knowledge regarding the scaling behaviours of granular and particulate systems – such systems may not even produce accurate results!

By utilising simulation methods such as MercuryDPM, it is possible to gain insight into the behaviours of an industrial system before beginning construction of any form, allowing a multitude of possible issues to be avoided at the planning stage, and therefore potentially saving considerable amounts of time, effort and money.

Refine, Revamp, Resolve

Alternatively, if a pre-existing industrial system exhibits flow problems, or if you simply wish to improve efficiency, discrete particle simulations can be employed to analyse flow details in regions of the system which are normally inaccessible.

A DPM visualisation of the relevant flow fields, and a better understanding of stress patterns within the system may allow the implementation of simple, inexpensive improvements to the practical system which can produce considerable improvements in performance for a comparatively small outlay.

How MercuryLab can Help

The MercuryLab team have the expertise to design simulations which perfectly emulate real industrial systems, even those possessing considerably complex geometries.

Once you have explained your problem and desired outcome, the team will autonomously and efficiently perform the necessary work to provide a viable solution.

If you think the MercuryLab team could be of use to you or your company, you can contact our representatives at: