The Team

thornton Dr. Anthony Thornton is the CEO of MercuryLab, and additionally holds a associate professorship  at the University of Twente, mechanical engineering department. Previously he has worked in Physics, Mathematics and Geophysics departments and has extensive experience designing, writing and applying discrete particle method and other computational modelling codes. Anthony has applied his knowledge in numerous fields, including mathematics, physics, volcanology and engineering, and has acted as a consultant to several multinational corporations.

weinhart Dr. Thomas Weinhart, the CTO of MercuryLab is one of the world’s leading experts in micro-macro transitions, extracting detailed continuum information from particle data and using this to predict breakage and failure in particulate systems. Thomas has a strong background in mathematics and mechanical engineering.

Stefan Luding Prof. Stefan Luding chairs the Multi Scale Mechanics (MSM) group at the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente, NL. His major research expertise is on non-Newtonian fluids, non-linear solids, particle interactions, granular materials, powders, asphalt, composites, bio- and micro-fluid systems and self-healing materials and most of all on micro-macro transition methods. Among many other tasks and services for the community, he is managing Editor in Chief of the journal Granular Matter and is president of the AEMMG organisation committee for the Powders and Grains conference series.

Dr. Deepak Tunuguntla has experience working in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, applied mathematics and computational mechanics. His skill set includes continuum modelling, micro-macro mapping and the design and implementation of discrete particle method algorithms.

windows-yuleDr. Kit Windows-Yule is a research physicist who has utilised DPM simulations to investigate various current scientific problems, producing a number of peer-reviewed research papers in the field of granular dynamics.