Why MercuryLab

Model real industrial size distributions

Our unique algorithms allow us to simulate large size distributions often found in industrial systems, over 200x faster than with the conventional algorithms used in other DPM codes.

Speed-up, S, for simulations of binary systems using our algorithms vs. conventional linked-cell algorithms.

σ denotes size ratios.

Many real-world materials possess a high degree of polydispersity. Image shown: fly ash sample at 2000x magnification, University of Kentucky, CAER.

MercuryDPM simulation of a highly polydisperse granulate in a rotating drum.

Model real particles

Many particle simulation codes model only spherical particles and simple, collisional interactions. With MercuryLab, our code faithfully reproduces the complex geometries and physical interactions encountered in real industrial processes, such as the adhesion of particles via the formation of liquid bridges and the formation of agglomerated particles due to cohesive effects. Other beneficial features include complex particle shapes, such as highly elongated and aspherical particles, as well as the ability to model attractive and repulsive forces between charged particles.

Simulate real equipment

Real, industrial systems often possess highly complex geometries, which must be accurately recreated in simulation if computational results are to be reliable.

Conventional codes model complex surfaces using multiple triangulated elements, which is not only computationally expensive and time-consuming, but often produces inaccurate results.

We can model these surfaces as single objects, providing results which are both faster and more accurate.

Accurate post-processing

Our powerful, in-built analysis tool allows particle-level data obtained from simulations to be seamlessly converted into continuum fields via post-processing, providing better, faster insight into your system’s behaviour.

Faster and more accurate analysis will help you save time on design, optimisation and prototyping, getting your product to market more rapidly and more cost-effectively.

Combining Simulation and Experiment

The whole package

From experiments...

...to simulations.

Thanks to our relationships with various leading international research institutes, we are the only consultancy company to offer both simulations and cutting-edge experimental techniques.

By directly comparing experiments and simulations, we can ensure that all our simulations are fully calibrated and our results fully validated, making our optimisation processes as accurate and as rapid as possible.